Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic Church

One, Holy, Orthodox-Catholic & Apostolic Church

Welcome to the Loving Arms of the Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic Church (EOCC)
Please feel welcome! Feel at home! Feel loved as you worship with us. Be blessed as you read this Divine truth.

Our Mission is: Love One Another-John 13:34-35 We seek to be a church that shares the Gospel of Love in a world that is hurting, to console the broken and "bringing home" all children of God.

Christian Orthodoxy. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. The Bible interpreted by the 12 apostles' unanimous agreement. Participation in Seven Mysteries/Sacraments and common prayer, the mystical life of the Orthodox-Catholic Church.

We possess apostolic succession.

Our Christian teaching is unchanged from the earliest days of the church, but our church is dynamic, sharing Holy Communion with all the baptized, with daily Divine Eucharists celebrated by most of our clergy, discipling and sanctifying children and adults, rapidly releasing into ministry, training, mentoring and empowering leaders, rapidly evangelizing, friendly and service oriented, engaged in spiritual ministries like healing, deliverance, fasting and prayer and running schools, health facilities needy children sponsorship, evangelism crusades and charities across nations.

We are strongest in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda but trying to reach into North America, India, Pakistan, and Australia, humble people empowered by the Holy Spirit, full of God's life and love.

  • Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic Church
  • Africa: P.O.BOX 423 KASESE-UGANDA
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The Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic Church (EOCC)
We are a Christ-Love centred Ecumenical Orthodox Church(Eastern Rite). For ten years we have been an autonomous Orthodox Church, grown from one bishop in Uganda to nearly five million Christians.  This directory is only the beginnings of a complete directory in progress;  we have over 100 large churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania where we are strongest and are currently at work in 14 nations. For immediate and further information, please contact the Global Premate Archbishop's office at:    Tel: +256 785 395858

This is God's work, and we give Him glory for all He is doing, transforming lives, communities, and nations. We seek to be a church planting movement wherever we are established, bringing the Gospel, the love of Christ, Hope and the power found in Sacred Mysteries (Sacraments) and Prayer graciously to all peoples.

Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic Church,
Premate's Africa Office,
Bishop Kiiza Thomas Sibayirwa, PhD
Missions and Community Projects under the Primate's Office:
Christ King of Peace Diocese, Uganda
Christ King of Peace Parish, Located in Kisebere Village, Nyabugando Ward-Kasese
P.o.Box 423 Kasese, Uganda
Tel: +256 785 395858 Email:
Divine Liturgy on Sunday at the Parish: 9:30 am

Rev.Rogers Bwambale
Kasese & Bwera Missions
Healing Liturgy on Thursdays 9:00am
Divine Liturgy on Sunday: 10:00am

Rev.Fr.Alex Tushabe,
Vicar General Mid West-Uganda,
Christ the King Parish,
Kakumiro-Bunyoro Missions
Tel: +256 782 291809

Rev.Fr.Jean-Marie Vianey Bazirababo,
Assistant Priest,
Christ King of Peace Parish, Bwera
Franco-Phone Missions Coordinator.

Australia, Tonga & Newzealand EOCC Missions
Bishop Elect Very Rev.Fr. Silouan Vea,
175 Ninth Ave, Aistral, NSW 2179 Australia.
Mobile +61402549745

Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC)
Very Rev.Fr. Remy Mulosya,
Vicar General for DRC EOCC Missions
Divine Liturgies on Sundays: 10:00am

India EOCC Ministries
SURESH KUMAR, Prophet online preacher

Ministries to the neglected and abandoned poor tribes
New Delhi (INDIA)
Tel: +91 99684 37311

Nigeria & West Africa EOCC Missions
Diocese of The Good Shepherd ALUMUKU, BENUE STATE,
Most Rev. Bishop Jim GEN,
St.Peter's Alumuku Cathedral Parish,
Tel: +234 8154546456, +234 7017 664608
Divine Liturgy on Sundays: 9:00am

St. John's Church
Mbagbam-Mbaachila Ute, Vandeikya,
Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria
Sunday Divine Liturgy: 8 AM

Holy Twelve Apostles Parish
RN 15 (KK 15Rd) Main Street
Nyanugenge Town, Kigali City, Rawanda
Rev. Fr. George Jean Claude Murekeyimana
(+250) 788 772 489
Sunday Divine Liturgy 10 AM
Facebook page: Ecumenical Orthodox Catholic Church, Twanda

Fellow Feeling Fellowship
Kigali City
Fr. George Jean Clause Murekeyimana
(+250) 788 772 489

Hope Nursery School
Tailoring Training for Women
Iwacu/Home Recovery and Empowerment Centre--post genocide care: counseling psychology, psychotherpy, sociotherapy, psychosocial support, training and mentorship

South Africa


St. Anthony EOCChurch
Box 217, Kamachumu-Muleba
Phone: + 255766476986
Fr. Seraphim Ignatious Simba

St. John the Baptist EOC Church
Busangalo, Karagwe District
Fr. Paulo Tibejuka Alibibi
+ 255753435792

St. Mary EOCChurch
Chanya, Karagwe District
Fr. Paulo Tibejuka Alibibi

St. Gregory EOCChurch,
Kyerwa, Karagwe District
Fr. Paulo Tibejuka Alibibi

St. Peter and Paulo Church
P.O. Box 51, Geita,
Phone: +255764509702
The Rev. Deacon Athanasious Nestory Mpala

Works, Projects & Ministries
Divine Hope Upendo Education and Empowerment Centre (Dhueec)
Box 67, Mwanza
Phone: +255762418829
Brother Jacob Oloo

Ecumenical Orthodox-Catholic USA Province
Sanctuary House of Divine Mercy
Warsaw, IN
Divine Liturgy or Communion Service: 10:00 AM Sundays

Missionaries of Divine Compassion
Religious Order, House of Formation

Kairos Prisons Ministries & Pastoral Care,
Lay Leader, Charles F. Boring Jr,
513 S.Indiana St,
Warsaw, IN 465860
Tel: +1 574 5494335 Email:

Works, Ministries & Projects
Feed My Lambs Bible Camp

New Jersey & New York
Divine Heart Society
P.O. Box 1178
Mountclair, NJ 07042
Fr. John Kemokalam
(+1 973) 424-0500 

Very Rev. Bishop-Elect Fr. Isaiah Ntûribi Kîjûkî, 
Sts. Peter & Paul EOCC Mission-Liburu E'mubwika Kangeta, KENYA
Meru- Maua Highway,
Tel: +254 739 000068    Email: 
Divine Liturgy on Sundays at: 9:00am

Primate Archbishop Tom Kiiza Sibayirwa

Founder & Primate Archbishop

Archbishop Dr. Tom Kiiza spent ten years in a missionary religious order; after seeking release, he completed a Doctorate in Theology before the Lord called him to begin to minister in 2008. Prior to beginning full time church work, he worked as the registrar and administrative head of Mountains of the Moon University, Uganda, and is a Charter President of the Rotary Club of Fort Portal in Uganda.

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Fr. Alex Tushabe

Vicar General

There are two priests and two deacons in Uganda, seven priests total in the region. This region was planted by the archbishop and is overseen directly by him,

Fr. George Jean Claude Murekeyimana

Bishop Elect Rwanda

Fr. John Kemakolam

Vicar in Charge of New York Region, USA

Rev.Fr.John was ordained a priest in NewArk, New Jersey, USA. Congratulations.

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Most Rev. Bishop Jim Gen

Bishop for Nigeria and caretaker West Africa

Very Rev. Silouan Vea

Bishop Elect for Australia, Tonga & Newzealand

We are blessed to have Rev.Vea with us.

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Very Rev. Bishop-elect Fr. Isaiah Ntûribi Kîjûkî

Bishop Elect

He is a great servant of God.

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Rev.Mother Sarah

Mother Superior and Novice formator



A great missionary to the neglected tribes of India

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